Subaru Remapping
  • Our remaps are live and specific to your car and with over 15 years experience remapping Subaru's from road to track you can be sure of great results. We will advise on the best options to achieve yours goals often helping you avoid the many pitfalls of over spending on parts that may not be needed!  Remapping is carried out on the road "or track where applicable" ensuring the best real world results. Improvements in mid range, part throttle and full loads environments will sharpen and greatly improve power bands and in some cases you'll even see a tiny gain on MPG. Please feel free to contact us with any questions
  • New age WRX/STI/Forester from £350.00 2001-2017
  • Apexi power Fc remaps from £300.00 93-00
  • Link ECU from £849
  • ESL 93-98 from £300
  • Secondary air pump removal and Powermap combo Impreza/Forester £550.00 
  • Secondary air pump removal and reprogram £300.00 
Subaru Servicing
  • We cater for all your scheduled and un scheduled Subaru servicing for the Impreza, Forester, Legacy and outback models. This also includes all general repairs, engine repairs, rebuilds, and MOT’s.
  • Full timing belt kits fitted from £370.00
  • General Servicing from £130.00
  • 2.5 Secondary air pump removals and ECU re-write from £270.00
  • Genuine exedy clutch kits fitted from £570.00
  • 2.5 2006 onward head gasket replacements using Cosworth and ARP products from £1600
  • BC Suspension kit installs from £1050.00