Unleash the Power.
Subaru Remapping, Tuning and servicing solutions.
Unleash the Power
Subaru Remapping

From road to track we have been remapping Subaru's for over 15 years. All maps are custom and carefully Tuned to your car optimizing performance and reliability. Mapping is live and takes place on the road or track for best real world results. The Impreza WRX can see a power increase up to 300 BHP on the stock Turbo with supporting modifications. Likewise the STI models can produce up to 360 BHP with supporting modifications and stock turbo. Remapping starts at £420 with an average map time of 3 hours.

Subaru Tuning

Want more from your Subaru? We offer various bolt on Tuning upgrades for your car ranging from 300-450 BHP. Basic packages start at just over £1100 for WRX Stage 1 upgrades producing up to 300BHP and 360 for STI models. We can also tailor solutions to meet your budget and requirements. And remember payments can be spread over 3 months interest free with Klarna pay.

Subaru Servicing

We cater for all Subaru servicing needs, scheduled and unscheduled. Our workshop is fully equipped to care for your car. We also offer general repairs and maintenance including suspension upgrades, Head gasket repairs, Brake systems, Performance parts fitting and more. Our workshop is within easy reach of London and Kent located just outside Brands Hatch Race track.